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ALL NEW Philippine Monthly Video Episodes From Cebu And Davao!

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From Cebu: Asking FILIPINAS Why They're Dating FOREIGNERS Most women in Cebu are distinctly traditionally feminine

Dating in the Philippines draws attention from single bachelors globally, as romance with Pinays remains quite a foreign affair.

From Cebu: Cebu STUNNERS - Pinay Q&A on Filipina-Foreigner Dating Cebu City women are second to none.

Since reopening to foreign tourists, the Philippines has encountered an influx of interested bachelors seeking to guaranty a match among the beautiful Pinays.

From Cebu: FILIPINAS Only Want ONE THING : Dating in Cebu Filipinas are ready to meet you. . .

Filipinas in Cebu hold a reputation for being among the most beautiful Asian women in the world, evident in the amount of popularity the island has amassed in recent years.

From Cebu: Filipina Foreigner Wedding - LOVE Lives in the Philippines Fil Am couples develop throughout the world

For nearly 3 years, Filipina foreigner couples have waited patiently for tourism to return to the Philippines and now are wasting NO TIME finding their true love.

From Cebu: Pinays SPILL the TRUTH About Dating Filipinas in Cebu Pinays are nearly 100% fluent English speakers, unlike many other Asian women

In Cebu City, Pinays eagerly await opportunities to meet and greet visiting foreign men who are touring the Philippines after lengthy restrictions.

From Cebu: Filipinas Welcome Men BACK to the Philippines Pinays in Cebu are among the most beautiful Asian women in the world

After YEARS of restrictions, Filipinas throughout the Philippine islands welcome men back to their country with intense enthusiasm

From Cebu: Cebu Women Are Waiting For Foreign Men to Return Filipina Women are ready to meet you. . .

In the light of recent travel restrictions to the Philippines, Filipinas have been anxiously awaiting the return of foreign men to their city.

From Davao: Henry and Hazel Proposal : Davao Philippines See Henry Propose to Hazel in Davao City

Nothing beats the feeling of finding true love, especially in a special Filipina. Henry and Hazel recently celebrated their engagement at the Marco Polo Hotel in Davao City Philippines.

From Davao: Davao Filipinas Pool Party : Cooking KINILAW Enjoying the food of the Philippines

Beautiful women from Davao City Philippines welcome you into their world and to learn about the delicious dish Kinilaw.

From Davao: Davao Filipinas Picnic | Filipino Food Enjoying the food of the Philippines

While beautiful Filipinas may draw most men to cities like Davao, the amazing Filipino food they dine on during their trips surely keeps them coming back for seconds.

From Cebu: Filipinas Up Close : Do They Want Love? Learning About the Amazing Filipinas in Cebu.

Filipino women from cities like Cebu and Davao have garnered a great reputation in the minds of bachelors from around the globe.

From Cebu: Cebu Filipina Finds Lasting Love During Singles Tour In Cebu, interracial couples are becoming much more common.

With the dating culture in the Philippines starting to favor casual couplings rather than marriage from a male standpoint, millions of Filipinas are beginning to consider dating and marrying foreign men, many of whom visit the islands on business trips and solo travel excursions.

From Davao: Proposing to My Filipina Fiance in Davao Philippines 21 Beautiful Davao City Women

When dating Filipinas in cities like Davao, men will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Filipino culture, while enjoying the many tropical amenities found while traveling through the Philippines.

From Davao: Proposing to My Filipina Fiance in Davao Philippines While traveling throughout Davao City Philippines, Stevie met his future wife, Jessa.

When dating Filipinas in cities like Davao, men will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Filipino culture, while enjoying the many tropical amenities found while traveling through the Philippines.

From Cebu: Filipinas Ride the Jeepney Thru Cebu City Philippines Jeepneys are a national symbol, synonymous with Filipino culture.

Most Filipinas travel aboard jeepney buses several times per week, as they make their way into Cebu City from the provinces for work.

From Cebu: Filipinas Explore Cebu City | Bohol + Mactan Island Trip Beautiful Filipinas from Cebu City Philippines present their city to foreign men who have traveled from around the world to experience this amazing travel destination.

Kicking off with an introduction event, foreign men have the opportunity to meet the women of Cebu City in a rapid format that allows every man to meet and speak to each Filipino woman in attendance.

From Davao: Davao City Filipinas | We Want To Meet YOU The land of a thousand islands, the Philippines plays host to countless tourist each year that are interested in experiencing the historic landmarks and tropical comforts of this beautiful country.

Filipinas from Davao are nearly just as popular as their city, known for their amazing beauty and attentiveness, these women put family above all else.

From Davao: How I Met My Filipina Fiance | Davao City Dating Filipinas in Davao City are revered for their immense beauty, devotion to family and above all else their total loyalty to the man that holds their heart.

The tropical vibes of Davao City play host to international tourism on a daily basis. Several single men from around the world venture to the Philippines in hopes of an island adventure in the company of a beautiful Filipina who may one day become their life partner.

From Cebu: Cebu City Singles Tour Pool Party In the city of Cebu, Filipinas eagerly await the arrival of foreign men during singles tours to the Philippines.

While on a tour to Cebu, visiting foreign men have the opportunity to meet over 200 single Filipinas for the purposes of starting a new relationship.

From Cebu: Daily Life of Filipinas Living in Cebu Philippines Four beautiful Filipinas invite viewers into their daily routines living their lives in Cebu Philippines.

A trip to the Philippines to meet and date local Cebuanas, often referred to as a romance tour, provides a great opportunity for visiting Western men to get to know Filipina women while being immersed in their culture.

From Cebu: Stunning Filipinas Showcase Cebu City Filipino women explain why they're searching for a foreign man

Cebu City attracts tourists from around the world, many of whom are visiting with an interest for meeting amazing Filipinas while in the Philippines.

From Davao: Davao Women Enjoy a Day at the Pool In Davao City, Philippines - Filipinas enjoy life with their family and friends

The most important thing to a Filipino women concerns the quality of time that their man spends with them and her family.

From Davao: Stunning Filipinas from Davao City Philippines Meet and know more about these beautiful Filipina women!

The women of the Philippines hailing from Davao City are known for their amazing beauty, inside and out.

From Cebu: Foreigner Proposes to Filipina in Cebu Philippines Western men have their eyes set on the Philippines as a destination for travel and dating.

Cebu Philippines acts as a travel hub for several single foreign men looking to meet their better half while in the islands. During romance tours to the region men are able to meet hundreds of single Filipino women in a matter of 7 days.

From Cebu: The Natural Beauty of Cebu Filipinas Women from Cebu City have several good reasons for seeking dating opportunities with foreign men.

Filipinas from Cebu are known for their amazing beauty, unwavering devotion to family and their loyalty to their husbands. Despite these highly attractive qualities, women in the Philippines have a very difficult time finding a viable life mate domestically.

From Cebu: The Natural Beauty of Cebu Filipinas Experience a Recent Group Tour to Cebu City and Meet Several Amazing Single Filipinas

Recent footage from our famous romance tours to Cebu City Philippines,

From Cebu: Long Distance Relationships with Filipinas Join several Cebu City Filipinas as they describe their experiences living in the Philippines.

Meet Allan and Rhealyn, two people from worlds apart whom has found their way into each others heart.

From Cebu: Cebu City Filipinas Enjoy Life In The Philippines Join several Cebu City Filipinas as they describe their experiences living in the Philippines.

Life in the Philippines predicates itself on Christian values that enrich the everyday lives of Filipino citizens and those traveling to the Philippines.

From Davao: Single Filipinas Attend International Dating Event in Davao Meet Filipina women personally, know them more, have fun with games and pageant and more!

Davao women welcome foreign men to their shores multiple times per year during coordinated romance tours with agencies like A Foreign Affair.

From Davao: Experience Kadayawan with Gorgeous Filipinas! Enjoy the biggest festival of Davao's Kadayawan with 7 Gorgeous Ladies!

Experience our biggest in Davao, the Kadayawan festival! Know more about how we celebrate life and culture of our mother land and a glimpse of the City with 7 gorgeous dabawenyas!

From Cebu: Sizzling Pinay Philippines Pinay: the women from Philippines are hot!

A sneakpeak to the Philippines where October is not only about feasts but also a chance to exhibit Cebu and Pinay beauty. Meet 9 daring ladies who will blow your mind and help you decide on your next adventure.

From Davao: The Taste of Having a Filipina Wife (Part 3) Feel the taste of having a Filipina wife through delicious foods!

Philippine women have it all! They know how to take care of you, know how to love you right, know how to make you happy not just in exciting ways, but also through your stomach!

From Cebu: Cebu, a crossroad for wandering hearts Love is not lost when you are in the Philippines

Philippines, a place where broken hearts go and love seekers explore. For this months episode we feature one of our Acquaintance Socials where men will enjoy not only the awe-inspiring places around the Queen City of the South but also the amity of having a Cebuana woman to be with.

From Davao: The Taste of Having a Filipina Wife Pt 2 Feel the taste of having a Filipina wife through delicious foods!

It's not just about beauty or about sexiness, but it is also about how a Filipina wife takes care of you! Yes! Philippine women have it all!

From Davao: Recent Davao City Social Footage Here's a glimpse of the real thing.

A night full of fun and beauty! Where else in the world will you be able to find an experience like this?

From Cebu: Jack and Lota - A True Cebuana Love Story A lifetime isn't enough to love a Filipina

In Cebu to meet a Filipina for the purpose of starting a loving relationship, Jack met Lota at our social and since then the Cebuana couple has been inseparable.

From Cebu: The Unconditional Love of Philippine Women Discover love without boundaries

Love knows no reason, no boundaries, no distance. Bringing people together closely, despite worldly obstacles, acts as love's only intention. Here in Philippines, you can never go wrong in finding the right woman, a Filipina.

From Davao: The Taste of Having a Filipina Wife Learn the taste of having a Filipina wife through delicious foods!

It's not just about beauty or sex appeal. How your Filipina wife treats you matters most of all! Yes, Philippine women have it all. They know how to take care of you and love you right.

From Cebu: A dream vacation and a singles tour all at once! Dine, tour and have fun with a variety of single Philippine women waiting to meet you.

Philippines, not only the best place to escape, but also the #1 country to enjoy the company of beautiful Philippine women. These Philippine women are seeking a lifetime of commitment with great men like you.

From Cebu: Dream, search and experience life with genuine Cebu Filipinas A first hand look at the life of a Filipina.

We all know that life is so much better if you have someone to share it with. This month's episode gives you a sneak peek at an average life of a Filipina.

From Cebu: Pretty, sexy and Cebuanas are everything nice! Women with commitment and simplicity

Have you ever dreamed of waking up next to a beautiful woman? Well now it's time to wake up and realize that dreams do come true!

From Cebu: Philippines is a home of both beauty and love. The world maybe big but there is only one place to find beauty

Distance means so little when someone means so much! Philippines is known as a paradise for romance and beauty and these 7 single ladies are ready to explore you both inside and out and fall in love.

From Davao: An Astonishing getaway with these Stunning Filipinas 7 Davao Women that will surely take your breath away!

You can enjoy moments with the simplest things and with wonderful companions. Davao women are simple. Yet they can offer you real happiness in their own many ways. Davao Women are genuine, kind, loving, caring, fun to be with, and wonderful enough to make your life incomparable.

From Cebu: Meet Summer Beauty In Cebu Philippines Hot and wild under the sun.Are you in?

As they say, you won't know unless you try. Hot cebu ladies are here waiting for true love's first kiss and they are Cebu's summer beauty.

From Davao: Feel the heat of the hottest Davao Women in the Philippines 6 Davao Women that will surely make you sweat because of their hotness!

Meet and greet these Hot Davao Women personally!!! They are not just sexy. They are not just hot. They are not just beautiful. These Women are extremely worth loving for! They have exceptional personalities you wish to have as your future lifetime partner!

From Cebu: Sexy And Beautiful Filipinas Are Waiting For You. Want to see them in person? Sign up for a tour in Cebu this August.

Sexy, beautiful and marriage material, do we need to say more? Stunning ladies from Cebu will surely sweep you off your feet and they are giving you a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet them in Cebu this August 2017.

From Davao: Hot Davao summer - hot as the Davao Ladies! 7 Sizzling Davao Ladies and a sneak peek of two lovely couples.

Does "real love" exist? Let these two lovely couples show it to you and keep you continuing to dream about having a lifetime partner. Don't stop believing and searching until you find the right one. Meet these 7 sizzling Davao ladies that will surely melt your heart!

From Cebu: Starting A New Year With A Philippine Singles Tour Is there any REAL reason to wait? A recap of our Janurary singles tour.

Too many Philippine women, but too few men and that's too good to be true - for YOU! Welcome to our Philippine singles tour in Cebu City, a place where the food is great, the culture is awesome, and these Philippine women are much more amazing than what you ever dreamed of.

From Davao: A Date to remember in Davao! Meet 10 Davao Women! Ten stunning women at a stunning Philippine beach setting introduce themselves.

Women waiting in Davao, do you think anyone of these ladies will become your potential partner? Meet these 10 Davao women in a wonderful island beach setting classic to the Philippines.

From Cebu: Good Things Happen To Those Who Believe See what you're missing? A recap of our August singles adventure.

A group of lucky guys are here to experience the love and affection of a Filipina Cebu woman. Not only does the grandeur of Cebu City captivate our handsome guests but also the sight of beautiful women surrounding them makes them not want to go home.